Model courseE-1Why a volcano in the hotel !?

Please note that Hotel New Akao has built a new bathing facility and model course E-1 can not be used for the time being.

East Izu Area - Atami city
Geological age
Taga Volcano erupted about 800,000 to 300,000 years ago.
Start: Nishikigaura Entrance Bus stopNishikigaura ObservatoryRooftop Observation DeckRestaurant floorRooftop gardenHotel lobby:goal
Walk about 1km (cumulative altitude 0m)
Time required
About 2 hours
Town walking
Meeting place
Nishikigaura Entrance Bus stop
Dismissing:Hotel lobby


We will guide you to the GeoSite in Hotel New Akao, which has been introduced in a popular TV program. If you are accompanied by a geo guide, you have an access to the places in the hotel which only guests are allowed to enter. You will see the traces of the volcanic eruption when the Izu Peninsula, once submarine volcanoes, started to appear on the sea.

  • Start: Nishikigaura Entrance Bus stop

    We will meet at the "Nishikigaura Entrance" bus stop of Yu-Yu bus. Please be careful not to wait at the "Nishikigaura" bus stop on the route bus.

  • Nishikigaura Observatory

    Although Taga Volcano is categorized as the terrestrial volcano, when it first erupted, it was in the shallow seawater. Hot magma spewed from Taga Volcano touched the seawater and caused a phenomenon called "explosion surge". On the way to the hotel or at the observation deck, you will be able to see the traces of this massive explosion.

  • Rooftop Observation Deck

    From the rooftop observation deck, you will enjoy a spectacular view. On fine days, you can see the Hatsushima Island, the Izu Oshima Island and the Manazuru Peninsula on the Sagami Sea, and Amagi mountains and Omuroyama as well.

  • Restaurant floor

    From the restaurant floor, you will see the traces of the Taga Volcano eruption when it started to pop out from under the sea. The restaurant floor is a unique site where you can see different features of volcano eruptions.

  • Restaurant Rooftop Garden

    If you go out to the rooftop garden just above the restaurant, you can see the marine cave at first hand. You can also see the typical features of underwater eruption and onshore eruption at the same time.