Model courseE-3Exploring the unique products of Omuroyama lava flow in the southern part of the Jogasaki coast.

East Izu Area - Ito city
Geological age
About 4000 years ago, the lava flowed out of Omuroyama Volcano created Izukogen(lava plateau) and the Jogasaki coast.
Start: Izukogen StationTajima Waterfalls ObservatoryKasagoneOyodo-KoyodoHashidate Suspension BridgeIzukogen Station:goal
Walk about 3km (cumulative altitude 120m)
Time required
About 2 hours
Hiking (There are rocky places.)
Meeting place
The Izu Kyuko Line, Izukogen Station Kogen-guchi ticket gate
Dismissing:Izukogen Station


Approximately 4000 years ago, Omuroyama erupted and created new land. Looking at the traces of the lava flowed from the volcano you can imagine how it has expanded and changed the landforms. At the Jogasaki Coast you will learn that there are various stories behind its scenic view. With the guidance of geo guide why not gain a memorable experience that you cannot gain in an ordinary sightseeing tour?

  • Start: Izukogen Station

    Izukogen station is not only the gateway to sightseeing but also the base station of the Izu Kyuko Line. Your tour to the southern part of the Jogasaki Coast starts here.

  • Tajima Waterfalls

    It is a unique waterfalls made by the Tajimagawa River. After flowing through Izukogen (lava plateau) the river directly pours down into the sea over the cliffs of the Jogasaki Coast. It is only after heavy rain that you can see the falls gush abundant water, while on other days the water on the falls is much less. The lava flow of Izukogen has so many cracks and fissures that the river water drains away into them and hardly reaches the coast. If you can see the waterfalls flowing dynamically, you are very lucky.

  • Kasagone

    The lava effused from Omuroyama was the type of lava that had low viscosity and flowed smoothly. While flowing, however, the surface of the lava cooled and became stiff and was fractured apart making the surface into jogged, thorn-like shape. Besides, due to oxidization the color of the lava turned red. At "Kasagone", you will see the red-colored lava with numerous thorn-like rocks just like Kasago, or red rock fish with jagged spines.

  • Oyodo-Koyodo

    Columnar joints are fetus in a rock created when the lava slowly cools down and contracts. Here at Oyodo-Koyodo you can see a cross section of columnar joints as large as a half-sized tatami mat. You can jump from on a hexagonal rock to another. In the two tidal pools called Oyodo-Koyodo, you will see trapped fish and coral.

  • Hashidate Suspension Bridge

    Of the two suspension bridges in Jogasaki, "Kadowaki Suspension Bridge" is more popular and more crowded with visitors all the time. Not many people seem to know that "Hashidate Suspension Bridge" can offer a more spectacular view and more thrilling experience. This bridge is a hidden great spot worth visiting.

Entry fee
Adult: 1,500yen Elementary and middle school student: 750 yen
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes, footwear (walks on the rock), hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm.
There may be some course changes depending on the sea conditions.
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
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