Model courseE-4Enjoy the ocean and plateau at the same time!

East Izu Area - Higashi-Izu town
Geological age
Hosono Plateau is a part of Amagi Volcano, which repeatedly erupted about 800,000 to 200,000 years ago. While much of Amagi mountains were eroded over time, Hosono Plateau area was left unaffected. Some parts of the Plateau were covered with volcanic mudflow with poor drainage and created plateau wetlands.
Start: Hosono Plateau parking #1Mt.Misuji parkingMt.MisujiMt.Misuji parkingMomono Marshland parkingMomono MarshlandMomono Marshland parkingNakayama Marshland parkingHosono Plateau parking #1:goal
Walk about 2.5km (cumulative altitude 150m)
Time required
About two and a half hours (including car traveling)
Meeting place
Hosono Plateau parking #1(Go forward 300 m from the parking #2 in front)
Dismissing:Hosono Plateau parking #1


Hosono Plateau is a great view spot to overlook the Izu Islands. In autumn it becomes the golden sea of Japanese pampas grass. After ending the volcanic activity, a part of Amagi Volcano collapsed and was covered with mudflow with poor drainage, and eventually produced four wetlands. At Hosono Plateau you will see two different pieces of outstanding sceneries of Izu, the plateau marsh and the ocean.

  • Start: Hosono Plateau parking #1

    It takes 15 minutes by car from Inari train station of Izu Kyuko Line or 10 minutes from national highway intersection. If you go through the village on the steep slope of the mountain and climb further in the forest, then your vision will open up suddenly.

  • Mt.Misuji

    From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a view of 360 degrees, with Amagi Mountains in the north and with magnificent field of Japanese pampas grass and the Pacific Ocean spreading out below.

  • Momono Marshland

    Many wetland plants, aquatic insects, dragonflies, etc. can be seen in marshland of the plateau. A lot of spring water has been used as drinking water at the foot of the mountain since long ago.

  • Nakayama Marshland

    Hosono plateau is a part of Amagi Volcano which erupted repeatedly about 800,000 years ago to 200,000 years ago. The plateau which survived erosion was covered with muddy sediments with poor drainage and created marshlands.

Entry fee
Adult: 2,000yen Elementary and middle school student: 1,000 yen
The admission fee to Hosono Plateau will be charged separately depending on the season. (If it is the wild vegetables or the Japanese papas grass season, please contact us for details.)
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes, footwear(for walking on rugged places), hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm
Please move with your own vehicle. (Guide will precede you.)
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
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