Model courseN-3Discover the traces of eruption of Mt.Fuji

North Izu Area - Nagaizumi town
Geological age
About 10,000 years ago, the flow of the Mishima lava ejected from Shin-Fuji Volcano has created land.
Start: Nagaizumi Visitor CenterAyutsubo waterfallsQuarry traceWarikozuka Inari shrineShimotogari Station:goal
Walk about 2.3km (cumulative altitude 30m)
Time required
About 2 hours
Meeting place
Nagaizumi Visitor Center, Community Nagaizumi 2F
Dismissing:Shimotogari Station


When the Shin-Fuji Volcano begin erupting about 10 thousand years ago, the lava flow called "Mishima lava" flowed down the valley between Mt.Ashitaka and Mt.Hakone. Mishima lava flow stopped right there and created Ayutsubo waterfalls, which are now cascading over a cliff of basalt. That is why you cannot see the trace of the lava flow in the downstream of waterfalls. The upper stream of the waterfalls opens wide on the left and the right side, so you can enjoy a magnificent view of Mt.Fuji above the waterfalls. At the end of Mishima lava flow, you will also see Warikozuka Inari Shrine and Chourei Shrine. Both are built on the lava bulge(lava mound). This course, covering the urban area, is a unique course that gives you some ideas about what the end of the lava flow is like.

  • Start: Nagaizumi Visitor Center

    Information on Nagaizumi GeoSite is available here.

  • Ayutsubo Waterfalls

    At Ayutsubo Waterfalls in the Kisegawa River, you can see the rocks about 10 m thick with several layers of lava piled up. This is the lava flow that flowed from Mt.Fuji approximately 10,000 years ago. The soft loam layers beneath the lava flow were eroded by the flow of the Kisegawa River, and the hard lava portion that remained created the waterfalls.

  • Stone Quarry Traces

    Behind Belle Foret (concert hall) you will see the traces of a quarry where the Mt.Fuji lava flow was quarried out.

  • Warikozuka Inari Shrine

    On a small hill where the Warikozuka Inari Shrine is built, there are many red torii(shrine gateways) along the cracks of the rock. This rock is the lava flow from Mt.Fuji about 10,000 years ago. The shrine stands on this "lava mound".

Entry fee
Adult: 1,500yen Elementary and middle school student: 750 yen
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes and footwear, hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
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