Model courseN-5Tanna Basin created by the Tanna fault. Kita Izu earthquake and people's lives

North Izu Area - Kannami town
Geological age
Starting from hundreds of thousands of years ago, active fault repeatedly caused lateral deviation once 700 to 1000 years and created basins.
Start: Dairy Kingdom ORATCHEYashimade ShrineDrought Countermeasure MemorialTanna Fault ParkShowa Calligraphy ForestORATCHE:goal
Walk about 4km (cumulative altitude 80m)
Time required
About two and a half hours
Meeting place
Dairy kingdom ORATCHE entrance


On the west slope of Taga Volcano, which erupted about 500,000 years ago, the Tanna fault continued seismic activities for hundreds of thousands of years. As a result, cumulative lateral deviation of about 1 km and vertical deviation of about 100 m was created. It became a lake and then made flat lands in the mountains such as Tashiro basin, Tanna basin, Ukihashi basin and so on. The Kita Izu earthquake that occurred on November 26, 1930 brought about major disasters to people. You will learn about the lives in the basin, especially about the drought caused by Tanna tunnel construction, and how people overcame the disasters. There are no convenience stores and no traffic lights in this region. To observe the fault topography from the center of the basin where peaceful time passes will be a truly memorable experience.

  • Start: Dairy Kingdom ORATCHE

    ORATCHE was opened in the dairy village of Tanna aiming to provide visitors with "a space of interaction between people who make and people who eat". Here you can enjoy activities such as ice cream making, etc.

  • Yashimade Shrine

    In the precincts of the shrine you will see Kameishi(Turtles Stone) and Hakujaishi(White Snake Stone). Both stones are considered to be effused from Taga Volcano.

  • Drought Countermeasure Memorial

    Tanna Basin was hit by drought due to Tanna tunnel construction. In order to commemorate drought countermeasure, the monument was erected.

  • Tanna Fault Park

    The left strike slip fault (2.6 m) which appeared on the ground surface at the time of the Kita Izu earthquake in 1930 (magnitude 7.3 / seismic intensity 6) is preserved as a natural monument.

  • Showa Calligraphy Forest

    You will see various stone monuments on which the works of modern calligraphers are engraved. The monuments were erected in hope that the traditional culture of the calligraphy would widely spread over the world.

  • Observation of Fault Topography

    When looking at the south from the center of the basin, you can observe the topography where the Tanna fault has deviated by 100 m vertically over hundreds of thousands of years.

Entry fee
Adult: 1,400yen Elementary and middle school student: 700 yen
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes and footwear, hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
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