Model courseW-1Walk in Sampo on the west coast

West Izu Area - Matsuzaki town
Geological age
"Volcanic Neck" that was once a path of magma of submarine volcano erupted in the shallow seabed about 10 to 2 million years ago.
Start: The Art Museum of Izu ChouhachiKumomi Sengen ShrineMt.EboshiKumomi IriyaSenganmon RocksKumomi IriyaTanada Observatory in IshibuThe Art Museum of Izu Chouhachi:goal
Walk about 3.2km (cumulative altitude 330m)
Time required
About 4 hours(including 1 hour of car traveling)
Light climbing(for a good walker)
Meeting place
The Art Museum of Izu Chouhachi
Dismissing:The Art Museum of Izu Chouhachi


Since the West coast is subducting to Suruga Bay, there are several coves alongside. Sampo (three coves) is a collective name for Iwachi, Ishibu and Kumomi. You will see a spectacular view one after another. Let's take a walk looking at the volcanic necks which used to be the core of the submarine volcano in ancient times. After climbing to the top of the volcanic neck, you will face Mt.Fuji. Let's pay a visit to the Sengen Shrine that enshrines sister goddess of Mt.Fuji. Then you will see a magnificent view of Senganmon Rocks formed like a grand entrance by corruption and erosion of columnar joints. Finally you will observe the rice terraces created by terrestrial volcano and huge landslides.

  • Start: The Art Museum of Izu Chouhachi

    Approximately 60 works of Chouhachi Irie are exhibited. He was a prominent master of plaster art, born in Matsuzaki, and was active from the end of the Edo period to the Meiji period.

  • Mt.Eboshi

    It is the volcanic neck formed from magma of a volcano. It rises above an altitude of 160 meters. The figure rising steeply from the sea looks very powerful.

  • Senganmon Rocks

    Senganmon Rocks are part of the volcanic neck. Due to the shape of the sea cave formed by erosion of the waves, they are viewed as the gate of Sengen Shrine, which is located on the top of Mt.Eboshi.

  • Rice Terrace of Ishibu

    Terraced rice fields are located at the base of Jaishi Volcano which erupted about 1.4 million years ago. Groundwater stored in the cracks and gaps in the volcanic ejecta has gushed out and has become the source of these rice paddies.

Entry fee
Adult: 4,000yen Elementary and middle school student: 2,000 yen
Number of participants
2 to 10 people
Please reserve one week in advance.
What to wear and bring
Walking clothes, footwear (for walking on rocky ground), hat, rain gear, drinks, etc.
Canceled in case of heavy rain or storm
Please confirm about "Cancellation Policy".
Please move with your own vehicle. (Guide will precede you.)
When the stone steps of the steep slopes of Mt.Eboshi are wet, the destination may be changed to "Cape of Memories" instead.
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