Welcome to the website of the Izu Peninsula Geo Guide Association! On this website, we will provide information on tours around the geo sites of the Izu Peninsula Geopark for both domestic and foreign visitors to the Izu Peninsula Geopark. For those who need a guide and service, this site will provide information about model courses and qualified geo guides.

The Geo Guide Association

The association consists of the certified geo guides who have completed the geo guide training course and have passed the certification examination conducted by the Izu Peninsula Geopark Promotion Council. Each guide possesses specialized knowledge and skills, therefore, you will surely be able to explore and experience the Izu Peninsula Geopark even more deeply.

In FY2017, the number of the total members of the association is 130, covering 15 municipalities on the Izu Peninsula. Geo guides in each area are like interpreters, who aim at explaining the formation and the viewpoints of the geo points (valuable terrain and geology), and also introducing the unique nature, culture, faith etc. of the land.

What is Geopark?

Geopark is a park with a variety of natural heritage related to geo (earth), such as geology, rocks, topography, volcanos, faults etc. It is a place to start observing mountains and rivers, noticing their origins, and connecting thoughts about ecosystems and people's lives. It is a place to look at the earth totally from rocks to universe, from billions of years past to the distant future, from the nature of the sea and the mountains to the creatures and the people living there. Geopark, namely, is the place to think about the earth as a whole.

What is the Izu Peninsula Geopark?

The Izu Peninsula, the only part of Honshu that sits on the Philippine Sea Plate, used to be a group of volcanic islands and submarine volcanoes in the South Sea. Along with the plate’s drifting toward the north, the Izu Peninsula has been shaped through a number of geological events such as the collision with Honshu, and the volcanic activities.

On this peninsula, volcanic activity and crustal movements are still continuing, which make the peninsula even more attractive with its abundant hot springs, Suruga Bay, the deepest bay in Japan, and a variety of beautiful landscapes.

In the Izu Peninsula, you will not only learn about the dynamics of the earth in various eras; from the era of submarine volcanoes and volcanic islands and the subsequent collision with Honshu, to the continuing volcanic activity and crustal movements, but you will also enjoy various blessings of the earth.

Main theme of the Izu Peninsula Geopark is “Volcano Gifts from the South”.

The Izu Peninsula Geopark was designated from the Japan Geopark Network as one of the Japanese Geoparks in 2014. The Japan Geopark Network consists of the regional organizations that have already been designated or that are aiming to be designated as a Japanese Geopark. As of April 2018, 43 areas are recognized as Japanese Geoparks. April 2018, the Izu Peninsula Geopark is designated as UNESCO Global Geoprak as ninth in Japan.